Time will tell – how times have changed!

Time will tell – how times have changed!

Homework is possibly any parent’s nightmare. Homework with five young children can be daunting at best.  My kitchen table covered in books and copybooks with each child struggling for my attention.  Luckily one of the good things about having five children is the independence they have to achieve at a young age and HW is no different.  That is until one of them is stuck and mummy has to come to the rescue.  One such occasion happened only recently when my second daughter was learning time.  She struggled to make sense of the clock and in my enthusiasm I quickly made a cardboard clock – the same we used at school when I was her age – with two hands and numbers.  I tested her a few times and couldn’t seem to engage her interest when suddenly my eldest called out and asked me to come and look.

With my nerves in tatters I ignored her several times, only to have her come and get me.  Expecting to see some new project she was working on or some game she had newly discovered, she surprised me by showing me one of the many online time games that she had found.  Rows of clocks online with an easy to answer section and corrections.  It is not often that I am lost for words but on this occasion I was truly speechless …. ‘Ma, what on earth did you make that clock for – haven’t you heard of Google?’ she said sarcastically.

Stupid is an understatement to describe what I felt.It is at that moment that I realised how detached a parent today could be from our children’s reality.  In hindsight, it was obvious that a programme to teach children time would exist on the internet but my first reaction was to go for something I knew well – a cardboard clock with swivel hands.  It also taught me NEVER to underestimate my child’s knowledge of computers and the internet.  It is a world they inhabit so easily and so obviously and one that if applied correctly and reasonably could be a great source of fun, learning and enjoyment.  This is the essence of our campaign on ibrowsesafely.com.mt brought to you by Vodafone.

Appreciate your child’s technical knowledge- never underestimate them! 


Mikela is a graduate in International Relations from the University of Malta.  She holds a post-graduate degree in Management from the Mediterranean Institute of Management, Cyprus, a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution from the University of Bradford, UK., and a Masters in EU Politics and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe Bruges, Belgium.
Her career spans 15 years in the Diplomatic Service during which time she worked on issues related to the IAEA, United Nations, Commonwealth and Sanctions.  Other positions held were that of Private Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Speech Writer as well as Assistant Director of Defence and Head of Secretariat of the Strategic Policy Secretariat both within the Office of the Prime Minister.  Mikela had a leading role in Malta’s response to the Libya crisis and post crisis planning of Malta-Libya relations. Today Mikela is the Senior Executive for Corporate Affairs at Vodafone Malta responsible for PR, Corporate Affairs, Internal Communications, External Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Mikela née Tabone, is married to Eric and together they have five children.  Lisa is 8, Anna 7, Sarah 6 and the twins Eric and Rebecca 5. Her hobbies include diving, travelling and reading.  (When she has any time left!)


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