Support to Victims of Cybercrime

Support to Victims of Cybercrime

The internet is a powerful tool which has changed the world we live in. As with all things, it has its good side and its bad side. Negative consequences arising from widespread internet use include online stalking and bullying, online fraud, and hacking. These activities can be widely classified as ‘cybercrime’.

When someone becomes the victim of such crimes, they may suffer negative consequences. These may include feelings of anger, fear, embarrassment and lack of confidence. It is therefore useful to know that there is a service aimed at helping such victims.

Victim Support Malta, a registered, non-profit organisation, has been providing support to victims of crime for a number of years. The services offered by Victim Support Malta include emotional support to all types of victims of crime, in order to enable them to talk and overcome their negative feelings. We also give legal advice about for instance, whether a complaint can be filed with the Police, what happens following such a complaint, the length of the legal proceedings and what one should expect; whether one is entitled to sue for compensation; and if there are any forms of protection for the victim.We also provide any other practical help that the individual may require, such as accompanying victims to the Police station or to Court. All our services are free of charge, and we value confidentiality, so we never divulge details about a person who approaches us for assistance.

It is important to be aware of the ‘dangers’ of the internet to protect ourselves from any of these situations; however, if something negative does happen to us, it is important to know that it was not our fault and that there is help available. There is nothing shameful about needing to talk or wanting to know what your rights are!

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Roberta Lepre is a warranted advocate. Between 2004 and 2008 she occupied various roles with the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality, where she gained extensive experience in legal drafting and representation, research, analytical reviews and awareness raising, particularly in the field of equality and diversity. Besides her private work, through which she consults on issues pertaining to diversity, corporate social responsibility and EU funding, she is also the Director of Victim Support Malta, a non-profit organisation which provides information and support to victims of crime; as well as being a member of the Guardian for Future Generations and the Commission on Domestic Violence.


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