Everyone's going digital – even your kids! Can you keep up and keep them safe? As a Vodafone Malta Foundation initiative, we're here to help.

78% of children look to their parents for info on online safety.*

 But are you prepared to help your

children be safe?


*Children’s Internet Use and Parents’ Perceptions of Their Children’s
Online Experience. A Study Commissioned by the MCA, April 2015



ibrowsesafely.com.mt, a Vodafone Malta Foundation initiative, is designed to provide an insight into this new world of technology and give parents confidence and strategies to guide their families.


We all agree technology is here to stay, and many parents are understandably nervous about its influence on their kids and family.

How is technology affecting our young people?

How much is too much?

Which games are safe and which aren’t?

How can you limit their screen time and guide what they are doing online?


 Below are the simple steps you as parents can take to help your children be safe online.

The ibrowsesafely 6 golden rules

Keep an open dialogue with your child

Agree boundaries and set rules

Set up parenting controls

Keep up to date with technology

Spend time with your child using the technology they use

Pay attention to age ratings when choosing activities for your child

ibrowsesafely.com.mt is an initiative born within Vodafone Malta, as part of Vodafone Group initiative Digital Parenting . As a leader in the telecommunications industry, Vodafone also aims to be a leader in the promotion of the safe use of mobile technology and the use of age appropriate applications. Vodafone Malta’s local initiative, ibrowsesafely.com.mt has been developed in support of the BeSmartOnline!