Feeling baffled by your child’s mobile world?

Feeling baffled by your child’s mobile world?

Have you ever stopped to think and take stock at the seemingly destabilising effect technology has had on modern day parenting? Gone are the days when ‘children were seen but not heard!’  Today, we find ourselves in a situation where our children far outstrip their parents in their knowledge and know how on all things technological.  Just watch a baby pick up a mobile for the very first time.  The reaction is almost instinctive.

For most parents the relationship of a child with technology is often baffling.  In truth, children are born into this technological society, whilst parents have to try hard to understand and catch up with a world that is not altogether obvious.  It also raises issues such as child-parent relationship and the balance that needs to be achieved.

When looking at these issues, it is easy to ask parents and educators to be informed.  There is a mountain of information out there on the different aspects of the mobile world our children inhabit so easily.  The better we understand it the better we understand them.

Vodafone has made the process much easier by putting together all their resources in an easily accessible website and facebook page in a campaign called www.ibrowsesafely.com.mt.    The site is intended as a fully-fledged resource with practical information and advice as to how to take informed decisions as to the delicate balance of online safety and mobile freedom.

The ibrowsesafely campaign is brought to you by Vodafone Malta in support of BeSmartOnline. 


Mikela is a graduate in International Relations from the University of Malta.  She holds a post-graduate degree in Management from the Mediterranean Institute of Management, Cyprus, a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution from the University of Bradford, UK., and a Masters in EU Politics and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe Bruges, Belgium.
Her career spans 15 years in the Diplomatic Service during which time she worked on issues related to the IAEA, United Nations, Commonwealth and Sanctions.  Other positions held were that of Private Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Speech Writer as well as Assistant Director of Defence and Head of Secretariat of the Strategic Policy Secretariat both within the Office of the Prime Minister.  Mikela had a leading role in Malta’s response to the Libya crisis and post crisis planning of Malta-Libya relations. Today Mikela is the Senior Executive for Corporate Affairs at Vodafone Malta responsible for PR, Corporate Affairs, Internal Communications, External Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Mikela née Tabone, is married to Eric and together they have five children.  Lisa is 8, Anna 7, Sarah 6 and the twins Eric and Rebecca 5. Her hobbies include diving, travelling and reading.  (When she has any time left!)

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