Family Online Safety Institute – a word from David Miles

Family Online Safety Institute – a word from David Miles

There is no doubt, that the Internet has had a profound impact over the last decade or so. We are entering an era where the pace of technological innovation once confined to the work place is now a feature of our daily lives. Parents in particular, are keen to ensure that children benefit from the exciting devices and content now part of most homes. Schools too, increasingly benefit from the use of technology as part of their students curriculum. And yet, with opportunities come risks.

The very technology that connects us, can also make us vulnerable to those that would want to do harm.

This leads to anxiety and is accentuated by stories in the news that infuse the public conversation with negative notions that are largely unsupported by research or the positive experiences of most children and young people.

The generational divide is further compounded by rapid technological change. The trouble is that although as adults we instinctively, know how to protect children offline, we often assume that their greater technological expertise will ensure they can look after themselves online. But knowledge is not the same as wisdom. That’s why the Family Online Safety Institute is a proponent of good digital citizenship. In this, parents and educators play a vitally important leadership role. Ensuring that offline responsibilities and values are transferred online. Seeking both at home and school to equip children with the critical skills to make wise choices online. For more information on the Family Online Safety Institute go to  To see how FOSI fosters a dialogue about what it means to participate responsibly in a digital world take a look at A Platform for Good at .


Vodafone has made Digital Parenting easier by putting together all their resources in an easily accessible website and Facebook page. Visit for practical information and advice about how to take informed decisions and protect the delicate balance of online safety and mobile freedom. The ibrowsesafely campaign is brought to you by Vodafone Malta in support of BeSmartOnline.

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