Everyone's going digital – even your kids! Can you keep up and keep them safe? As a Vodafone Malta Foundation initiative, we're here to help.

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The time has come to say goodbye to all of you, our wonderful followers. The ibrowsesafely.com.mt project, launched by the Vodafone Malta Foundation, has now come to an end.

Thank you for reading, watching, contributing and sharing your beautiful stories with us.
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For ongoing advice & guidance for online safety visit BeSmartOnline.

99.4% of primary & secondary school children have access to the internet*

– Do you know how to keep your kids safe?

*Children’s Internet Use and Parents’ Perceptions of Their Children’s Online Experience.
A study commissioned by the MCA, April 2015.

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1 in 5 teens have been cyberbullied**

– Do you know how to recognise the signs?



**Vodafone Survey by YouGov among 4,720 13-18 year olds in 11 countries

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47.5 % of children in primary and secondary schools have lied about their age on social networking sites*

  – Are you aware?


*Children’s Internet Use and Parents’ Perceptions of Their Children’s
Online Experience. A Study Commissioned by the MCA, April 2015

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78% of children look to their parents for info on online safety.*

 – Are you ready to guide them?

*Children’s Internet Use and Parents’ Perceptions of Their Children’s Online Experience.
A study commissioned by the MCA, April 2015.

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85% of children in form 4 use
the internet daily*

– Do you know what they are up to online?

*Children’s Internet Use and Parents’ Perceptions of Their Children’s Online Experience.
A study commissioned by the MCA, April 2015.

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More than 50% of teens believe cyberbullying is worse than bullying offline**

 – Do you know how to help them?

**Vodafone Survey by YouGov among 4,720 13-18 year olds in 11 countries

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43% believe that cyber bullying is a bigger problem than drug abuse**

– Do you speak to your kids about online usage?

**Vodafone Survey by YouGov among 4,720 13-18 year olds in 11 countries

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Appreciate your child’s technological knowledge.

Be aware of the benefits and dangers of technology.

Spend time with your child using the technology they use.

Explain safe/unsafe use of technology to your child.

Keep up to date with technology

Pay attention to age ratings when choosing activities for your child.