Support to Victims of Cybercrime

The internet is a powerful tool which has changed the world we live in. As with all things, it has its good side and its bad side. Negative consequences arising from widespread internet use include online stalking and bullying, online fraud, and hacking. These... read more

Bills you didn’t bank on

“My 8 year-old daughter ran up a bill of £4000” said a father from Bristol after allowing his daughter to use his tablet so that she could play numerous games such as My Horse, My little Pony, Hay Day, Zombies vs Ninja and Smurf’s village. The amount may seem extreme,... read more

Technology for Deaf People

I am a Deaf person working as a draughtsman inspector, I practice sports for Triathlon and I am involved in voluntary work within Deaf issues. Our only social problem is communication. Unfortunately this problem is hardly recognized due to little awareness within our... read more

It’s all about being accepted

A year or two ago one of my daughters came home seriously upset.  On asking her what the matter was she explained that two girls on her bus route were teasing her because her hair was too straight.  I couldn’t hold back my laughter which angered her even more... read more

Online Pressures

Peer pressure is a particular influence that a peer group exerts onto another individual. This influence encourages these other individuals to change, or, to conform to the peer group’s attitudes, values, or behaviours. Peer pressure is common and is a hallmark of... read more

Selecting appropriate applications 

From a very young age children have access to the use of digital devices. With thousands of apps added each week, it is difficult to keep track of what applications are developed. Growing attention is being paid to the role of digital devices as having a potential for... read more

Using the Internet to avoid embarrassment

‘I just ordered toast for lunch…but what I really wanted was a cheeseburger, with tomatoes, grilled onions, and medium size French fries, with a large strawberry shake…urrgh! I could not say it. I hate stuttering’. This post, written by a thirteen year old... read more

Bringing up the tablet generation

By now you’ve realized that, perhaps without wanting to, you have become a digital parent. This can be fun, exciting and often quite challenging. Children seem to whiz through their gadgets effortlessly and, just when you think you have figured it all out, a new... read more

Safe use of Internet by disabled persons

Information technology is a major part of our daily life and access to the internet has become an important means of participating in, and thus being part of, modern society. Access to the internet can give rise to more opportunities to meet a broader community of... read more

Preventing cyberbullying

“No body likes me….I can’t believe what my ‘so-called’ friends are saying about me” Bullying is not just physical- using technology to tease, embarrass and spread rumours are also bullying behaviours. Do you know what your child is chatting to his/her friends about?... read more


Prevent cyberbullying Written by: Veronica Montanaro   “No body likes me….I can’t believe what my ‘so-called’ friends are saying about me”.   Bullying is not just physical- using technology to tease, embarrass and spread rumours are also bullying behaviours.... read more

Reporting Online Concerns

Things can go wrong online as well as offline. Your son or daughter might be upset by an abusive message on Facebook or they might want to stop subscribing to a premium rate text message service. Maybe they have come across an inappropriate website during a Google... read more