Have a Merry Techy Christmas

Not long ago I met Jessie, a mother who spoke to me about how technology changed her life as a parent. She jokingly told me that what the Rubik’s cube was to her generation, the internet is to today’s. We are all aware of the great challenges technology presents, but... read more

Cyber Safety – What parents should do…

As the internet continues to form an inherent part of our social fabric and children go online at ever younger ages, parents need to arm themselves with tools to help guide their offspring through this exciting, though potentially daunting cyber-world. Internet usage... read more

Cyber safety

Today the Internet has become part of our lives. It has also created a few new words – when we want to know about something, we say “google it”……20 years ago it meant nothing. For the younger kids it is part of life and cannot even... read more

Where’s the pen and paper?

The other day I was chatting casually to a priest when the subject turned to issues to do with the internet.  I enquired as to how in his view and experience the internet was affecting marriage and was intrigued by his answers.  Today, couples are using social media... read more

Connecting in Cyberspace

“Are you a bot?” Something inside of me never ceases to wonder in amazement at what lies behind this question that often – too often – frames the opening salvo of a conversation with*. Our teenagers want to connect. They loath what... read more

I can never get that moment back

I remember a time when it was common to use siblings as messengers. This was nothing new to me. Some older girls at my school would quietly give me little notes, safely secured with sticky tape, to pass on to my brother. As soon as I hit my teenage years, I did the... read more

Satisfying your curiosity correctly!

It is dreadfully difficult to battle the temptation to spy on your children when they have left their laptop or computer on. You persuade yourself that no possible harm could come from glancing, ever so quickly, into the cyber world of your youngsters. Maybe you have... read more

Stay safe, have fun, enjoy sport!

“I love playing football because it is fun”. This was one of the most popular responses children gave in a recent national survey conducted by The Football Association. The internet has become part of the social fabric and the way it is used can affect a child’s... read more